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The Power of Belief- Our Down Syndrome Story

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Christina is a baby girl who was born with Down Syndrome and impresses everyone with her bright, love, smartness and will.

I never really wanted to be a mother. When I thought about having kids, it was always for the "wrong motives" like: "I'm an only child, I don't have nieces, nephews or godchildren, so, who will inherit my things when I die?" At those moments I used to think: "ok, so I need a baby".

But, once, me and my boyfriend decided to go on a trip to London. At that time we were together for 5 years and were starting to think about having or not a baby. We bought our trip and when we left the travel agency I told him: "You haven't got me pregnant until now, so don't do it now!"

I was already pregnant and I didn't know. I struggled with the idea of having a baby, but in general everything was ok. I was 40 years old, I worked for myself, I had good health. But, in one of the exams, the doctor told me, my baby could have Down Syndrome. I never had much contact with people with DS, so, I didn't know much about it. I was devastated. I cried, cried and cried almost the rest of my pregnancy. I didn't want to buy things for the baby, I didn't want to have a baby shower... everything was so dark for me.

But, the day came. My baby, Christina, was born after 24 hours of labor. When I looked at her, I knew she had Down Syndrome. I couldn't believe it. What would I do?

But she was lucky... or I was lucky! She doesn't have any cardiopathy or any other disease. She's not very hypotonic and she doesn't have many of the chatactaristics of DS.

She is now 20 months. She is the apple of my eyes. She learned how to sit when she was 9 months old, she is now learning how to stand up, she tries to take steps with our help. She doesn't know how to speak, but she communicates very well. She has physiotherapy and phonoaudiology sessions every week, swimming classes, regular school, and has a lot of friends. She is now going to start music therapy. Her development surprises me everyday, and I know she will get anywhere she wants. She is an amazing person and the DS doesn't define her. I know she can do whatever she wants and I'm gonna fight for this, for her rights and for other children's rights.

Now I tell other parents: "Don't be sad. It's normal to be angry, to be sad, to question. But it's going to pass. And once you see your baby, you'll see the beast is not so ugly. You have to stimulate and believe in your children and they will do everything. It can take more time, but they will do it. The important thing is to believe in them."

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