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Perfect Playtime for Felix: A Boy With A Neurological Condition

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A custom designed table is creating independence

Felix is 5 years old and has an undiagnosed life limiting neurological condition. He loves to play but is unable to walk, crawl or sit up without support. When he is playing and his toy gets out of reach, there’s no way Felix can get it again until mum comes to the rescue. Felix’s mum Sarah got in touch with the charity DEMAND Design & Manufacture for Disability with an idea that would help Felix to access the toys he loves to play with. DEMAND's designers visited Sarah and Felix at their home in Harrogate to discuss a potential solution. Seeing how Felix plays with his toys helped DEMAND's designers decide on a plan of action. They agreed that Sarah’s suggestion of a rotating table would indeed be the ideal solution for Felix, meaning that he could have access to many more toys, even the ones that roll out of his reach, simply by turning the table.

“This new custom height adjustable superhero table designed just for Felix has been made and delivered today. The table spins around (a bit like a lazy Susan) so Felix can access all his toys rather than just what’s in his current reach. Felix says he is staying in it all day!” Felix’s Mum Sarah writes.

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