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Do What You Love!

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Mekenzi McMillan

You Can Cosplay in a Wheelchair?!

The answer is YES! Anyone one can cosplay! It doesn't matter height, size, age, gender, orientation, color, disability, etc! Many people seem to think that it's impossible to portray a character who can walk, when you have to sit in a chair or you don't "look the part", but they are wrong. Cosplay is about bringing the character you love and respect to life for a moment. If you have a chair, or prosthetic, there are plenty of ways to make them part of the character! Perhaps they faced battle and survived the impossible! You can also make it part of the costume... the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination!

My Cosplay

I personally have been into cosplay for about 8 years now. I dabbled for a couple years in highschool, and got serious my first semester of college in 2011. Over the past few years I blossomed and even got a friends to join me in my shenanigans. My last year at school we became roommates and it was cosplay time all the time! 😆 our living room was always scattered in cosplay projects and lists of what we wanted to do next. Before we knew it we were making cosplay from the same shows and doing photo shoots for them. I have shown some ofcosplays that I and my friends have done. For the photos with me in the red jacket and blonde hair, credit goes to @fluffyfoxphotography never had more fun in a photo shoot and even became friends with the photographer.

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