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Do I look like I have a Syndrome?

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Hannah Quinton

Different not less

My name is Hannah and I am 24 years and 11 months old. I do modellng in my spare time. I work part time with an optician. I enjoy make up and fashion. I have a pet dog called Obi. I have been married for nearly two years. My favourite film is the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Oh, and I have Asperger's Syndrome. I was diagnosed nearly a year ago and I have been on a mission to raise awareness and acceptance ever since. I am not a stereotype. People on the spectrum are as unique as people off the spectrum. We come in every size, shape, colour and gender. I started an instagram account specifically to talk about my experiences with Asperger's syndrome. I want to make talking about autism and life on the spectrum as normal as talking about having your nails done or what you ate for lunch.

The link is: www.instagram.com/aspieaesthetic

We are not broken. We are just different.

I want neurotypical people to know that it is ok to ask questions. We won't bite. We would actually love for you to ask us a question instead of trying to pretend like you understand. We know that we are as much of a mystery to you as you are to us. I want parents of children on the spectrum to speak to big aspies to help their little aspies. We have been there and done that and we are a really good resource. You can read text books and ask doctors and those are really good things to do, but there is nothing like being able to ask someone who has actually lived through childhood on the spectrum themselves. I hope that in the future there is no prejudice and that neurotypical people will see as more than a bunch of "sheldon cooper" stereotypes. I hope for better representation in the media and characters that autistic people can relate too. I hope that in the future people will stop trying to "fix" us. We are not broken. We are just different.

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