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Writer & model all from my wheelchair

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Sylwia Błach

Let me inspire you!

Hey! Do you have a moment? Let me inspire you! My name is Sylwia Błach and I live in Poland. I am a fashion blogger, writer, and motivational speaker.  I believe that life is too short and we don’t have enough time to do everything we want but I’m willing to try.

Fashion model

On my blog www.VamppiV.pl I showcase my outfits. My style is a mix of rock and goth with a mix of femininity, but I love pink too! It's really important for me to show that everyone of us can look good and feel good. It's nice to feel #bodypositive, because we shouldn't be worried about things we can't change! Remember: You are beautiful - believe that!

Your role model?

Last year I was chosen to be #MyRoleModel. I am one of six most inspiring women in the world chosen by Panache Lingerie! I am part of big campaign about loving your body. You can watch my photos in lingerie and listen to my story below!

Horror writer

But being a model isn't my only job. I am writer, too! I love to write horrors. You know: scary, bloody stories. My novels were translated to English and Czech. This year I published two books: #RiddochSyndrome and "Vampires, monsters and other unearthly creatures". Riddoch is about young soldier that fights with zombies. But "Vampires..." is for... children! Yeah, this year I became a writer for children and it's a huge pleasure to know that sooo young people read my books! Unfortunatelly, both of them are only published in Polish.

Live life to the fullest

I have a lot of passions! I am a programmist, game developer, but I am fighting for women rights, too. I was organising Miss Poland Wheelchair, working in a project "The only one mom for disabled parents" and a lot of more. I am a feminist because It's important to be proud of being a woman and I have fantastic life with my friend and my boyfriend.

Don't worry!

Remember: never give up. You've got one life! Life is too short to be bored, to not love, to not work, to not smile. You can do anything - just go out and say "MY DREAMS CAN COME TRUE!"

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