yoocan - Joel Sardi - I survived the army, then became quadriplegic
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I survived the army, then became quadriplegic

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Joel Sardi

My Story

I served in the Australian Army for the past 5 years as a rifleman. Shortly after returning home from a 7 month deployment in Afghanistan in December 2013, I had an accident and fell leaving me as a C5 quadriplegic. Determined to gain some form of recovery, I dedicated my life to daily training. I am currently living in Southern California with my girlfriend Elisa, attending Project Walk San Diego and seeing great results. My journey was initially set up to keep my family and friends up to date with my progress and has developed into a blog where I speak about the hardships I experience as well as gains and improvements. I also share my daily workouts and training videos in the hope that it will help others in my position to NEVER GIVE UP.

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