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First Annual Bellyak Race

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Race Recap

On May 27th, Bellyak hosted the first ever Race For A Cause on the French Broad river as part of the Mountain Sports Festival in Asheville, North Carolina. On race day, everyone was excited about getting on the river. It was a slow ambiguous start, but thirteen people paddled one and a half mile on bellyaks from French Broad Outfitters at Hominy Creek down to Carrier Park. Everyone had a lot of fun, trophies were distributed, webbed gloved high fives were given, and I have a feeling that new friendships were made. We ended up raising $72 for Our Voice, which is a non-profit organization located in Asheville, North Carolina in pursuit of a community free of sexual violence. 

Categories and mom's first time on a Bellyak

May 27th was my first time being back on a bellyak since August of 2016. It was also my mom's very first time paddling a bellyak, which she ended up loving. She's never paddled one because she's always paddled a regular kayak. Her favorite part was getting to paddle a bellyak with me and she had a lot of fun, I thought that was my favorite part too. I wasn't actually racing with the other kids, I just wanted to paddle for fun. I ended up representing and winning the adaptive category for Team Bellyak, and as a result, came in 9th overall. Bellyak founder Adam Masters' nephew Eli represented and won the kids category, and Dominick unknown last name was the overall winner. 


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