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Miss 2017 Netherlands... & I am disabled

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Mirande Bakker


Hi, I'm Mirande. I am Miss Netherlands 2017, and I am disabled. I have had a Spinal Cord Injury since 2014 due to hospital errors. Since I won the beauty pageant, my goal is to perform my mission and be a role-model.

I am very committed to the 1.8 million people living with disabilities in the Netherlands. I am focused on improving facilities and regulations for people with disabilities. To spread the word and mission, I travel across the country visiting municipalities and provinces, trying to convince the government that there needs to be improvement regarding the regulations for people with disabilities. I believe that every one has the right to accessible facilities.

Now that I am Miss 2017, I have many requets from newspapers and magazines to be on TV, radio, conduct interviews and photo shoots. I also know there are still fun and exciting things to happen in the future. Follow me on my mission :)

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