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Roee Ginat

I was born with a gift that connects people

I was born with a gift that connects people. It doesn't matter who they are or where they are, it has its own way of talking to everyone. It is called music. Music has its own language, an emotion that is present in every human. It opens doors, breaks down barriers, has happiness in it and sometimes not as much. It is a gift of sound and emotions. I believe that everything is possible.

Slowly I began playing with one hand and a bit of the second one

I have beaten a cancerous tumor in my head when I was really young, that has left me paralyzed in all of my left side and severely visually impaired. On the other hand, it made me discover my abilities and sharpen some senses that seemed impossible. I have always loved music. I sat near the piano for many hours listening and remembering the melody and chords and I started to develop a phenomenal hearing memory so I can recall everything being played to me in a single session. Slowly I began playing with one hand and a bit of the second one. With the encouragement of my amazing parents, family, and piano teacher I can now play hundreds of songs and I have even sang with some leading artists as a co-performer. I want to say thank you to my family that has been there for me hour after hour day after day not giving up, encouraging, empowering and supporting me to do what I do best: be a musician and share it with others. Now, I call you to listen to the music in life!


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