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Never Give Up🦋

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Tiffany Cooper

Live, Laugh, Love

In 2009 my whole world was turned upside down. I was hit by a drunk driver as a  waiting for my friends car at valet. It happened so fast. I was the only one that was hurt badly. When I woke up the doctors told me that I wasn't incomplete quadriplegic. It took me a year and a half to be released from the hospital and facilities.

But I did it. I am a functioning quadriplegic which means I can move my arms up and down but I can't open or close my hands because they became contracted due to the injury . I'm also a mother of two beautiful children and I am very thankful to have them before my accident because they're a big help in my life. All I prayed for was to please get up and out of bed I promise that I'll get dressed and do my make up. After years of therapy I'm able to get up every single morning. I thank God for my caregivers.  

I was able to follow my dreams and tell tell people my story how I survived in my accident and overcame bedsores, blood pressure problems, passing out, having different surgeries, and still being able to raise my 2 children.

It was not easy but I'm here today to tell you it's possible. You can do whatever you want to do in life if you just follow your heart. Now at 35 I'm able to raise my kids as best as I can and get up every morning, brush my own teeth and do my own make up.  My story is about never giving up.

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