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Bendy Spine, Silly Mind: Scoliosis

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Samantha Harris

My Journey with Scoliosis

My name is Samantha Harris. I am nineteen years old and from Australia. I have scoliosis; one of the worse cases my surgeon has ever treated. Pre-operation my curve was sitting at a whopping 130 degrees! 

I spent four and a half months in Halo gravity traction, which involved having a medical halo on and having it conected to 44lbs (20kgs) of weight! 24/7!  And then I had a 12 hour surgery where they fused my spine, took a rib out, removed a veterbrae, and put rods and screws in. My spine now sits at 43 degrees!

I love rocking a bikni at the beach and wearing backless dresses! One thing I have learned is that it's my body, nobody elses. To quote the movie "Easy A" - "It is nobodys god damn buisness!" Boy oh boy is that true! Rock your condition! Embrace them! They are what make you, you! But they are not you! They are a part..but not you! Do what makes you happy! Go to the beach in a bikini, use that bright walking stick..just do you!

Stay unique!

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