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Wheelchair Basketball Is Helping To Achieve My Dreams

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Milad Azizi

My Dream

Hi, I'm Milad. I was born in Iran, and I'm 25 years old. I used to love studying and playing basketball when I was a child. I played in a basketball league when I was a teenager where we earned a gold medal. My life suddenly changed when an unexpected accident happened to me seven years ago. 

I was very ill for 2 years; my hips were broken and my left foot was shortened. Unfortunatly, I was forced to quit studying.  However, I decided to keep playing basketball with a wheelchair.  At first it was very difficult for me, but after a while I returned to the champions league again. 

Last year we became the champion of the Iranian league. Since I am still recovering, I decided to play in an advanced club in another country where I will start my studies.  This is my biggest dream. Thank you for reading my story!

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