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Maria Rabaino

Adapting Fitness

My name is Maria and I am a dancer for the Rollettes wheelchair dance team. I have been paralyzed since February 2012 at the L1 incomplete level. Over the years I have gained leg movement back and I have wanted to see how strong I could get them. I couldn't afford a gym membership and I could only find upper body workouts online for wheelchair users so I decided to get creative and find ways to workout on my own. I started to film my workout routines so I could help other wheelchair users find ways to workout. Besides losing weight there have been a lot of benefits to changing my lifestyle. My shoulder pain has vanished, I have more energy, and I'm a lot happier. My goal is to eventually start a YouTube channel so I can give more indepth tips to adaptive fitness so everyone (regardless of ability) can find a way to be healthier.

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