yoocan - Kim Hedberg - I believe I can fly, even though I am wheelchair bound
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I believe I can fly, even though I am wheelchair bound

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Kim Hedberg

My story

My name is Kim Hedberg and I'm a 20 year old man from Finland. In 2015, I was in a terrible accident that changed my life completely. It was a normal Saturday evening when I fell down from the eighth floor balcony by accident. I was taken to the hospital where they found out I had numerous fractures on my neck and spine. I became quadriplegic. For 1.5 months I breathed through a respirator. I was lucky to survive without any injuries in my brain and I'm also very happy that I am even alive today. I have always been very active and used to play soccer and ice hockey before my accident.

In the end of last year I started suffering from chronic pain. The pain got so bad that I had no energy to get up from bed for almost 4 months. After going through all different pain relief methods and medications I have found the right one for me and am finally on the move again. Now I'm learning new ways to do sports and remain active. For example basketball, ping pong, gym and handbike. I'm trying to do as many same things I used to do before the accident. I'm finishing my last courses for high school and will graduate soon. The support from my parents, identical twin and friends has been invaluable throughout my journey. Also the work my physiotherapist and personal assistants have done has been irreplaceable. I feel like I'm living the happiest time of my life now. And now I am sure that the most severe disability in life is the one in your attitude! #yoocandoanything #nevergiveup #quadriplegic #SCI #disABILITY #inspiration #wheelchairlife #yoocan #motivation #wheelchair

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