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How to Live A Perfect Life With Down Syndrome

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I am Moa

My name is Moa, I have Down syndrome, live in Sweden, and I will be 19 years old soon. I live with my mom and sister, Maja. My mom loves me and is so happy that I came into her life. When I was a little girl, she trained me to use sign language as a way to communicate. She thinks I am perfect just the way I am!  

I currently attend a special school, which I love. I like to play theater, sing, and I own a lot of movies that I watch in a special order. I also have a little plastic doll who I talk to sometimes, she is with me all the time.

I also like to travel. Last year we went to the USA and took a road trip from Colorado to Los Angeles. It was a lot of fun! I was also a model in an exhibition last year called "Icons." It was so much fun, and I am so proud of myself. The exhibition showcased 21 people with Down syndrome. I really liked being a model.

In September I am going to a theater camp in Portugal. It's a lot of fun there when I am with my friends.  My life is perfect just the way I live it!

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