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The Dutchie with a Crutchie: Overcoming A Spinal Cord Injury

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Ibiza Car Crash Girl

Last summer, my life changed 180 degrees on the beautiful party island of Ibiza when I was an innocent passenger in a car crash. I was unable to move my legs, experienced pain in my stomach, ribs, and back. I suffered a spinal cord injury, spent more than one month in the hospital, and five months in rehab.

Life was really difficult during that time, both physically and mentally. It felt like I was on a rollercoaster, but I found my strength and chose positive thoughts. I was in a wheelchair for four months, then used a walker, then two crutches, then one crutch, and now I use a hiking pole or nothing.

Follow Your Dreams ⭐️

Life is still tough sometimes, but I'm trying to make the best of it and my recovery. This summer I'm traveling to America for a four month internship and training at Project Walk. It will be a big adventure, but I love the challenge! I'm studying social work, and that's the reason that I'm going to help people in rehab. I want to teach them the power of positive thoughts and help them learn to make the best of their situations. 

After America, I want to travel to Australia, and live there for a few months. When people who know me see me, they always ask how rehab is going. But hey, I'm more than that, right? Yes, I'm the "Ibiza Car Crash Girl," but I'm also a girl that lives in Amsterdam, goes to parties, has fun, studies social work, volunteers. I hope that I can inspire people with spinal cord injuries. 

Always believe in yourself! You can follow my account on instagram: Essies_recovery.

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