yoocan - Hope - Transition From Able Bodied to Being A Quadriplegic
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Transition From Able Bodied to Being A Quadriplegic

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My New Life

There's something about going through a break up that can easily lead you down a positive or negative journey. I chose carelessness because it felt easy. I was finally 18 years old, one week away from starting college courses. I had a plan to sleep at a friends house after a night of underage drinking. 3am rolled around the corner and NOTHING felt better than going home to my own bed.

I was involved in a car crash where my truck flipped five times ejecting myself and a friend. She landed on her butt breaking her tailbone. I landed on my head breaking five vertebrae's, C3-C7, in my neck. The transition from able bodied to high level quadriplegic was hell.

Finding Peace

It has now been nine years since I made that destructive decision. Quite honestly, I've never been in a more peaceful place. Everything started to change once I started looking at everything differently. I now have the opportunity to be partnered with the organization MADD, as well as a Safety Council where I speak on a weekly basis disseminating hope and awareness to the masses.

I can't change what drinking and driving did to myself, but I do live out every day to prevent this from happening to anybody else. If one less family can wake up to the trauma ONE decision can create ... every ounce of this is worth it.


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