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Our Miracle Child Living with Microcephaly

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Erika Martinez

Erilyn; My Little Miracle!

My daughter, Erilyn, was diagnosed with Microcephaly pre-birth. Microcephaly means Micro (small) Cephaly (head). It is a neurological disorder where the head circumference is less than it should typically be in an infant or a child. The condition can be present at birth or can develop within the first few years of life causing mild intellectual delays to profound intellectual & physical impairment. I was given the option to terminate my pregnancy even though I was already 6 months pregnant because they told me IF my daughter even lived past birth she would never be capable of doing anything on her own & would pretty much be a "vegetable."

Erilyn walks & runs on her own with no assistance, says few words, doesn't feed herself, isn't potty trained & still needs momma's help with quite a few things but she has & still is making amazing progress with everything that she does. We have so much faith in this little princess & we know that one day she will be capable of doing all those things on her own, plus more.

Some may see Erilyn as a little girl with a smaller head than most, but she is so much more than that. She is an 8 year old little girl who absolutely loves life, she is full of determination, personality, drive, & motivation! She has taught me so much more in her 8 years of living than I could have ever imagined. Everyday with her in our lives is a true blessing & we thank God everyday for choosing us to be apart of this little girl's life.

"A diagnosis cannot predict the extraordinary love you will have for your child."💗💗💗

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