yoocan - Jessie & Jax Pruett - How We Do Not Let Down syndrome Define Our Lives

How We Do Not Let Down syndrome Define Our Lives

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Jessie & Jax Pruett

EXTRAordinary Jax: Living with Down syndrome

We received a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome at 20 weeks gestation after doctors found four soft markers and a blood test confirmed. My pregnancy, although high risk and heavily monitored, was blanked by a sense of peace and calm. Whatever the outcome, Jax was a gift. He was born via c-section at 34 weeks and spent 6 weeks in the NICU until he came home on his due date! Down syndrome does not define his life (or ours) or make it less valuable. Yes, it is part of who he is and will be, but differences are beautiful and give the world perspective.

Jax is just Jax, not Down syndrome and we love all of him! #downsyndrome #pulmonaryhypertension #hearingloss #shouttheirworth


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