yoocan - Bruno Hansen - How Ocean Therapy Helped Me Recover From My Spinal Cord Injury
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How Ocean Therapy Helped Me Recover From My Spinal Cord Injury

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Bruno Hansen

Losing Hope When I Suffered A Spinal Cord Injury

My name is Bruno Hansen. I was carjacked in South Africa 18 years ago and became paralyzed from the waist down. I had no insurance, no money, and lost my job as a surf yacht captain. I had no proper home, no hope, I was angry, and lived recklessly hoping to die.

Accepting My Spinal Cord Injury

After a few years of soul searching and rough traveling, I sailed through the Indian Ocean on a small sailboat and found myself, my strengths, learned my weaknesses, and then made peace with life. To date I have been filmed for various documentaries, I have a beautiful girlfriend, I am a 2x adaptive world surfing champion and I give motivational talks to various groups and organizations around the world. 

I am currently consulting in building a SEAHABILITATION centre in Panama for those who need to find themselves after injury or physical impairment. I got to this point in life by spending plenty of time in nature and living tough. Never give up.

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