yoocan - Jovan Booker - Turning Adversity Into Opportunity: My Amputee Story

Turning Adversity Into Opportunity: My Amputee Story

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Jovan Booker

Against All Odds: Life as an amputee

Hi, I am Jovan. I lost my limb at 10 months old to a birth defect called Fibular Hemomilia, and my father at a young age of 14, on Christmas Eve due to a massive heart attack, but I never lost faith. I competed in various sports my whole life, mainly soccer and basketball against able bodied competitors, and I needed a new challenge. At 17 years old I met amputees such as Scott Odom and Roedrick Greene and they inspired me to share my story and use my amputation to positively effect others. I began traveling at 17 years old with a basketball team of amputees named Amp 1 Basketball, advocating for active amputees to challenge themselves, play basketball standing up, and never give up. After volunteering for almost 6 years with Amp 1, traveling to countless states, sharing my story with and effecting a number of people's lives, I finally realized I didn't need to be ashamed of my story.

I still volunteer for Amp 1 and with the help of a great core group of brothers, has helped Amp 1 exist while still holding on to its core group and values of never giving up. After sharing my story and feeling how empowering it was, I wanted to pay that forward and wanted and help more people. Thus, Limbpossible was created. Limbpossible is a for profit adaptive training organization solely based on spreading positivity, and bridging the gap between both the adaptive sports community and society through the use of various sports as tools. Members of Limbpossible compete in rising adaptive sports such as Stand Up Amputee Basketball, and US Amputee Soccer hoping to bring these sports to the Paralympics, as well as hopes to compete in the paralympics one day for both sled hockey and sitting volleyball.

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