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How People With Special Needs Benefit From Cooking

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Courtney Kennedy

Court's Cooking Blog: The Inspiration Behind Teaching People With Special Needs to Cook

A few years ago, I was encouraged by a friend to cook dinner for my family. When I first began cooking it was incredibly hard, frustrating, stressful and sometimes scary (Especially when it involves heat from the oven or stove). There was a long period when I was pretty nervous about using the oven/stove, but over time I've discovered that I am not as afraid anymore.

Teaching Special Needs People How to Cook

I eventually learned that I have a passion for cooking. I love it so much that I have started writing a food blog about a year and a half ago. My mission for this blog is to encourage/teach people who have special needs and who are going through the same struggles to be confident with cooking.  

I currently do not have a YouTube channel at the moment, but I recently started making videos. However, I do plan on having one soon and I have videos on my blog. 

Check out my blog: www.courtsfoodblog.com

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