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Bridging the Gap Between the Adaptive Community and Sports

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Richard Ramsay

Adaptive Sports Has Given Me Opportunities

My name is Richard Ramsay and I was born without my left arm, just below the elbow. My whole life, I've used sports as a way to fit in, thinking that was the only way I could. From being an All-State football player to a starter on a two-time state championship team in basketball, sports were something I connected with on all levels. Sports also allowed me to share my story, my faith, and my mindset all over the state of Arizona.

AMP1 Basketball For Adaptive Athletes

After moving to Oregon to work for Nike, I found myself missing the ability to talk to others about overcoming obstacles, so I founded AMP1 Basketball. Through AMP1, I have been able to meet thousands of people and had the pleasure of meeting other likeminded adaptive athletes. Fortunately, I was also able to get involved with the US Amputee Soccer team, playing goalie in multiple international matches. It's hard to explain the feeling of representing your country during the Star-Spangled Banner, but it is one I will never forget.


We Can Be The Change The World Needs to See

Though it is just the beginning, the Nike FLYEASE product is proving that there is a need for adaptve products. This is the first step in accomplishing a life-long dream of mine. By being an amputee athlete, I hope to bridge the gap between the adaptive community and sport -- being a positive role model throughout the way. Along with my teammates and every adaptive athlete out there, WE CAN BE THE CHANGE THE WORLD NEEDS TO SEE!

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