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Becoming My Best Self: My Amputee Story

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Zimi Gongxeka

Becoming My Best Self: Life As An Amputee

Hi, my name is Zimi. When I was 4 years old I got involved in what I call a freak accident that resulted in the electrocution of my right hand. Miraculously the accident had no impact on my vital organs and my mum tells me that at the time, doctors couldn't justify how I even survived.  

Growing up was easy as I quickly adapted to using my left hand and it's only after I reached my teens that I realized I was structurally different from others; I became extremely shy and got into the habit of hiding my hand. This continued throughout my varsity years and I'm sad that I missed out on a lot of activities because I never wanted people to notice I had one hand.

Learning to Appreciate Life

Later in my mid 20's it finally hit me that my hand will not miraculously find its way back to me and that's when I made the decision to appreciate what I have instead of focusing on what's missing. I've been having my best life since! I go hiking, swimming, I cook, I drive and have recently joined the gym!  

Professionally I obtained my finance degree when I was 21 and I now work with great people in one of the largest corporate and investment banks in Africa. I aspire to complete Masters in Development Finance in the next two years. Personally, I'm proud to be part of a local charity that supports people living with physical disabilities by providing daily care giving services to those in much need. I can firmly say no matter what your difference, yoocandoanything you aspire to do!  Thank you so much for reading my story!

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