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Inspiring By Empowering Through Hope- Keisha Green

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Keisha Green

Who is Keisha Green?

If there is one consistency in my life, it is that there has been a solid foundation of tenacity, perseverance, and excellence. These qualities have set me apart and created a dynamic force to be reckoned with and catapulted into my life’s passion as an entrepreneur and sought after motivational speaker, Life Strategist/Life Coach and author.

I'm from Syracuse, New York.  I am the forth born of five children. At the tender age of nine, I began to assist my mother, who was a single mom, in the care of my siblings, while my mother worked to provide for the family.

Living A Great Life

At the age of 16, I unexpectedly gave birth to my first-born son Zyeir. The many years of experience in running a household and taking care of my siblings, prepared me as a young teenager, to grab the bull by the horns and led me to acquiring an apartment for myself and my son as I continued my education. Preparing to graduate from high school, I had to drop out of school when childcare for my son was no longer available. Being a strong, determined young woman, I started working to provide for myself and my son as I knew that there was so much more that life had in store for me.   

Filled with ambition and pursuing my childhood dream and lifelong passion for cosmetology, I started my own business “Xxotic Extensions” in 2011. I was determined to never give up on my passion for higher education. On August 18, 2013; I entered college in pursuit of a degree in radiology. A college student; A successful entrepreneur and business woman, a proud mother of three handsome sons; Zyeir, JoMari and John, life was great!

My World Changed Forever In the Blink of an Eye

Then in the blink of an eye…. on August 23, 2013 I was involved in a car accident that would change my world forever. It is only by the grace and mercy of God that I, the mother of three, strident college student, successful business woman, and entrepreneur made it out alive. The accident was so horrific, that the dreaded “Jaws of Life” was used to free me from the vehicle. My right leg was dismembered in order to release me from the vehicle, and my left leg was severed instantly from impact by the guardrail at the scene of the accident.     The doctor’s said that I would be hospitalized for at least one year. Miraculously through prayers and faith from my children, family and friends, I emerged from the hospital in three weeks of the accident and left the hospital. That's Right! My world had changed but my passion and purpose and earthly assignment had taken on its predestined form. I understood, not only did He Chose Me, but I would Inspire others by Empowering thru Hope.

Ticket To Transformation

I continued running my business while preparing to walk again and is now using what most thought was a tragedy as a triumph of the power of the spirit! I discovered my true purpose and calling while embarking upon a spiritual journey through the unexpected turns of life that led to the light of new beginnings and new chapters. I discovered that my true purpose and calling is to inspire, empower, enlighten and enrich the minds, lives and spirit of others. This has led to the launching of my inspirational and life strategy speaking series titled “Ticket To Transformation,” which led to my ground-breaking one-on-one intense life coaching sessions. I've had an intense adventure to life expansion and mental, spiritual and financial growth.

I Am "Keisha Green!”

When I am not traveling globally as a key-note or motivational speaker, I am volunteering my time and services to my church, schools, nonprofits, and community organizations. I am a creative writer, engaging speaker, insightful presenter and skilled life strategist. I reside in Atlanta, Georgia where my three sons serve as inspiration for a life well lived. My story is still being written and the best is yet to come. I Am Keisha Green!

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