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My Old & New Life With Multiple Sclerosis

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Deine Christine

Putting Light Into the Darkness of Multiple Sclerosis

My name is Christine Rupp, I was born in 1972, I'm married, and I have an adult son. I have had Multiple Sclerosis for 30 years. There have been better times and there have been worse times. A lot has happened to me throughout my life.

Between my parents death when I was 35 & 37 years old and having Multiple Sclerosis, my life has been filled with ups and downs. I went to dental school, but I was unable to complete my studies due to Multiple Sclerosis. 

Friends have come and gone throughout my life. I continue to refuse basic therapy despite my limitations. Everyone has to find their way, and this is my path.

My blog is for those affected by Multiple Sclerosis. It is supposed to entertain, make fun, enlighten, and put a little light into the darkness of this disease. I hope you visit my blog and enjoy my story.

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