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Why Look Out, If Everyone Lives In?

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Katharina Araujo


My name is Katharina Araújo (@katharinaaraujo_oficial and @projectvocelindaeautentica). I was born in Brazil. For a long time I created masks of "perfection" so I can be seen as "good" in the eyes of others, until the day I realized that living like this was tiring and disappointing. Over time I realized that I could not please everyone and the more authentic I was, the happier I became. This is not a story of a happy ending, but a story of overcoming, curiosity, discovery and acceptance on a daily basis. 

I admit, my biggest deficiency was in my mind when I decided to look at my shortcomings and difficulties as if they were impossible, limiting myself and believing that I was not enough, that it was too difficult, and that I needed to fit into conventional standards. I was looking for a stereotype of perfection that seemed to be in the future and I was very anxious, with a constant sense of frustration. I started to break free the day I realized I was here to live and not to wait for the happy ending. I am here to love me and forgive myself in my mistakes and overcome my challenges day after day, and to be happy being who I am. I am not here to please everyone, I am here to connect with people who have affinity with me or want to walk that same path of acceptance and authenticity. I'm not here to say, "I was like this and now I'm exceptional"; I'm here to have the courage to be imperfect and find out what really makes me happy NOW, not tomorrow, not after ... but NOW! If I live like this TODAY, tomorrow is sure to be amazing! When I truly loved myself and accepted my "faults," I understood that it is okay not to be good or to be well all the time. I discovered that there is beauty on the road and not just at the end. And of course, I came to value more that I have the best.   

Today I live, day after day believing in the joy of being who I am, even when I do not like what I see, I still accept and love myself! My sense of life is to direct others to a path of discovery, acceptance and overcoming. I am a Coach of Authenticity and Self-Esteem, I help discover yourself to be and do what you love. And you, what is your sense of life?

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