yoocan - Whitney Ford - It's Okay To Be Different: Ms. Wheelchair Alabama

It's Okay To Be Different: Ms. Wheelchair Alabama

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Whitney Ford

1. What is your dream career? Why?

My dream career is to be an entrepreneur.  I am an author but I would also like to open a non-profit organization for medical supplies, and a shelter for the homeless to regain proper skills to get back into society. I would also like to become a certified life coach and I’d love to foster or adopt children.

2. What advice can you give to other wheelchair users when taking a flight? Any tips or suggestions?

I’d definitely say be flexible. Call the airline that you are flying with ahead of time and make sure they’re aware of the size of your wheelchair and all of your needs. Arrive to the airport at least two hours early and bring any extra things that make you comfortable like blankets or any medicine you may need. These supplies can go in your carry-on.

3. What is the biggest challenge that you have overcome so far in your lifetime?

The biggest challenge that I have overcome is fear of rejection and I feel like my journey as Ms. Wheelchair Alabama 2017 has a lot to do with that. I have met so many loving and happy couples with and without disabilities. It used to be hard for me to feel ok with rejection, especially after the separation of my parents.

4. How do you prepare for the Ms. Wheelchair America competition? What is your daily routine like leading up to the competition?

I have done lots of fundraising, educating one’s self on disability history, and learning about disabilities outside of one’s own.  I wouldn’t say that there is an exact “ready” outside of making physical preparations. The pageant is a beautiful surprise, beyond what I expected.

5. What has been your proudest moment and why?

My proudest moment has been interaction with children at Oscar Mason Library in Huntsville, Alabama where I talked about, “it’s okay to be different.”

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